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Ongoing Research Support


R01NS083983 Blackmore (PI) 7/2013-5/2018 (now in No Cost Extension)

Combinatorial Manipulation of Transcription Factors to Promote CNS Regeneration

This grant has established the ability of KLF and other transcriptional interventions to promote axon

regeneration, and created an optogenetic-based strategy to assess synaptic connectivity in regenerated axons.


R01NS107807 Blackmore (PI) 7/2018-6/2023

Strategies to Optimize the Function of Regenerated Corticospinal Tract Axons

This grant explores rehabilitation and neural stimulation approaches to improve behavioral outcomes in

animals with stimulated axon regeneration. This study of axon function is scientifically and experimentally

distinct, but complements the current application, which aims to boost the amount of regeneration using novel

molecular approaches and improved gene delivery tools.


R21NS106309 Blackmore (PI), Venkatesh (Co-I) 9/2018-8/2020

Regulation of CNS Regeneration by Chromatin Accessibility and Pioneer Factors

This grant aims to profile changes in chromatin accessibility in CNS neurons across development and in

response to injury. Although one aim of this grant involves testing pioneer factors for effects on axon growth,

the set of factors to be tested are completely distinct from the current proposal, reflecting differences in the

discovery strategy.


R01NS091234 (Blackmore - Co-I) 7/2014-5/2019

Inhibitory feedback mechanisms that couple circadian clock neurons in mammals

I am lending my viral expertise to this circadian project by creating Cre-dependent overexpression and

knockdown constructs for small peptides in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. No overlap with the current proposal.


Bryon Riesch Foundation Blackmore (PI) 4/2018-3/2019

Combined Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Grafting for Spinal Cord Injury

This pilot grant supports experiments to test DREADD-based interventions to improve forelimb function after

SCI. There is no overlap with the current proposal.